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Impress of SITED-USA LLC >>
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Master of Business - Training

Get the "I" point, the Cherry on the Cake in your ability.
Master of Business - Training
Your qualification profile :

You are an established business trainer for at least five years?

Exercising in job context in adult education ?

Have extensive experience in group dynamics ?

You want to continue to develop and realize your personal quantum leap ?

Our Master of Business Training program we set from the beginning a counterpoint to the rampant trainer workouts that remain content in the 20th century , as well as new content and methodological standards and define new Advanced Trainers Education .

Our Master Trainer program is unique in the world's uncompromising focus on systemic- holistic training for the mastery of complexity and dynamics in networked systems . This differentiates it fundamentally from conventional TT programs with their largely one-dimensional orientation.

The entire program is part-time on a weekend a month, and includes 24 days of attendance , which must be completed within 12 months.

  • 20 days classroom training with different training trainers
  • 2 papers in two different contexts
  • Two days written examination , designed in ten substantive issues
  • 2 days practical examination . Each participant performs a one-hour training demo through in his field .


At the end of our Master Trainer program can be a certification. The reach of the certificate depends on four criteria:
  • Your admission to the Master Trainer Program
  • Removal and successful assessment of your chores
  • The existence of your written examination
  • Your successful live demo in front of our certification body
We reserve the right to define "Master of Business Training" the notion of the highest standard . Therefore, we consider it to be given to determine the clientele of our participant in advance of the Master of Business Training . Here you will find our Conditions of authorization to participate in the Master of Business Training .

The program for the Master of Business Training is available here for download. (Coming soon)

Duration , prices and dates:

The whole course uses 24 days and takes part-time at 12 weekends , 1 We the month instead .

The approval inspection fee is € 595 and is charged with approval of the course fee .

The course fee is € 14,280 per participant .

Closest start of training is May 09, 2017 9:00 clock .

Click here to register . Please fax back your registration form to us . Thank you .

You want more information?
Please contact us by phone : +49  (0) 5356-15 18, by e- mail or use our contact form.

We look forward to seeing you .


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