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Systemic organizational constellations

Experience your business from a different perspective
Systemic organizational constellations
Changes in a company for a long time bind key resources such as time, staff, money, and energy.
So you know in advance what will bring the change which requirements are necessary to know the effective method of organization formation.
With the help of the organization's formation, you experience your company.

They recognize the strengths, potentials and resources. You realize now your business tomorrow.
This applies equally to changes in departments. For an optimal change in the organization has emerged as a support, even if the employee behavior is matched congruent to the new structure and goals. Systemic Coaching opens your employees for change, strengthens the integrative nature of the overall process and allows them to consciously grow into the new tasks. In addition, you gain the systemic coaching:
  • Focus energy on the common goals
  • Gain clarity for optimal economic decisions
  • Recognize the impact of personal decisions early enough
  • Unique selling points (USP) develop, reflect and implement successful
  • Conflict and make relationship management
A very important and at the same time more frequently occurring aspect is the leadership handover to the next generation.

By systemic constellation can go the big generation can be facilitated, thus actually making room for the next generation.

Whether the company is selling or transferring to, essentially depends on the systemic structure of the company and its leadership from.

We as langjähig certified system partner will assist you discreetly available with our knowledge and our 20 years of experience.

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