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Systemic Family Constellations

Systemic Family Constellations

Systemic Family Constellations

Bert Hellinger found in decades of research, organizing principles , which act within a family system such laws. He continued the work of Virginia Satir . He discovered that each born into the family member these principles follows unconsciously and unconditionally. Is the order of a system intact , the members feel united in love and free to live their own lives. Is this order , however, disturbed, it usually comes to the fateful entanglements in which entangled family members out of love and loyalty with an ancestor . An example of such a disturbance of order, would be the exclusion of a member from the family .

Entangled For Love

Hellinger's work shows that heavy fates and events often develop a dynamic that have far-reaching effects into subsequent generations into it. The so-called " Levelling " developed by Bert Hellinger makes these dynamics visible and tangible. They offer effective ways by which entanglement can be solved in the fate of an ancestor sustainable. The driving force behind entanglements - and the sometimes serious consequences - is a deep unconscious love for their family. The reveal of the extensive experience of the family constellation .

Return of acquired foreign feelings

In certain situations, children tend to accept feelings of their parents. Usually this occurs in situations where a parent highly experienced stressful feelings and can not process it . The child then takes over frequently in his deep filial love the emotional attitude of the parent to share the workload . Such a foreign feeling is often worn to adulthood and how experienced a private feeling. Therefore, a foreign feeling leaves , where parties often a deep helplessness and resignation.

Table shows the unconscious

These are often very blocking dynamics can be made ​​and resolved visible through lineups . A list makes the subconscious of the system visible. In this way, correlations between individual problems and unconscious entanglements experienced and releasably connected to the entire system of the family. This process is often done in emotionally deeply moving steps that will not only touch the client. The other participants and the alternates can take for yourself valuable experience solving .


In regular intervals preparation workshops are held at our house. As a participant , you have the choice whether you want to install yourself, or whether you want to stand out as a sculpture installation available. Here you can login . Please fax back your application. Thank you !

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