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Change Communication Skills

Psychosoziale Kompetenz wird zum entscheidenden Wettbewerbsfaktor!
Change Communication Skills
<< Div> From the German futurologist Leo A. Nefiodow comes the demand that the 'psychosocial competence', that is:
the communicatively competent and encouraging rapport to recognize each other as a key productivity factor in addition processes, information and capital and to develop targeted.

As part of the revolutionary developments of the steam engine to the information society, the '6. Kondratieff cycle the human expert operating Führungskraft.
  • action-oriented leadership development
  • change processes competently perform
  • Communicative competence ensures loyalty
Especially in change processes experienced managers often resistors, persistent communication failures, internal redundancies and "unexplained" Misunderstandings. Now the communicative competence of the manager is decisive - for loyalty, productivity, and goal achievement. Also einbindende events leading up often remain on the surface, like the Change 'sell out' and resolve resistances and systemic problems, not really. In order to deal productively with these challenges and to provide a lasting acceptance sure the project manager, manager, consultant and trainer need additional communication skills.

This staffed with two full coaches Intensive Training for Professionals, taught in record time competence in change communication.

2 days module: cost on request

3 days module: cost on request

A detailed description of the course content and objectives, as well as a short CV of your trainer and coach here .

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