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Certified NLP Master Practitioner

A Master controls his subjects, knows the stone of his acting
Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Instruction: NLP Master

Integrate existing NLP authority and learn about new complex NLP techniques.
The master training is based on the knowledge and application authority from the practitioner seminar. Contents of the master course are divided into three ranges:
Integration of the NLP basic techniques a on higher and comprehensive level
Training of new complex NLP techniques
Knowledge integration of the theoretical bases of the practitioner
"masters" are persons who control the spirit of their discipline on highest level - they find at any time new creative solutions. In the training for the NLP master those learn participant how to use the acquired NLP techniques integratively, situation-specifically and creatively - and to develop NLP furtheron independently

Training Design
The master course is guided together by Oliver Bruenner and Wolfgang Hagemeier.
Contents are obtained similarly to the Practitioner seminar in four returning steps:
Introductory lecture;
practical demonstration of the technology;
Practice the technology in small's groups;
the experiences will be reflected and deepened in a final feedback round.

self draft and self discovery
represents a model, with whose assistance concepts are developed for life planning and/or for re-orientation. It concerns here also a transition of the symptom-oriented function of the Practitioners to the life-situation-oriented function of the masters. Right at the beginning of the seminar we are busy with how we can arrange our own life in such a way with assistance of NLP that all areas of life and our highest values grow increasingly on ecological way and develop further.

An explicit model of the unconscious time processing. This model makes it possible to change our experiencing of time profoundly and use time processing efficiently.

Meta programs
These data processing & sort programs running outside of the conscious perception represent a substantial part of our "character". To understand these processes makes it possible to predict behavior and to estimate strengths and/or weaknesses better.

Faith sets
mark out the framework its, which we over us and the world consider possible and impossible. Learn unconscious faith sets to seek out and change and your model of the world in this way creatively to extend.

fundamental aspects of our personality and our character are similar, as faith sets and Metaprogramme. Values indicate, on which we approach, which we want to reach or avoid. Thus they are at the same time substantial elements in our motivation strategies.

Sleight OF Mouth
Learn fifteen useful language samples, in order to shake limiting faith sets to provoke and analyze.

Align Self
This format makes it for us possible to let traumatised personality portions to grow up and to be in contact with as-is states such as Einssein, peace, love etc.

Milton model
On the basis of the realizations of hypnosis of the practitioner seminar we will be busy with different deep – trance phenomenon. Furthermore, part of the subject is to learn how to use hypnotic language samples on a high level of unconscious authority.

This NLP model represents the use of our representation systems with purposeful acting in an explicit cybernetic description. It helps us to understand in detail what makes maximum performances possible and to make it teachable and learnable

Certifying to the NLP master covers three ranges:
Practical tests – the participants demonstrate their authority in the use of the new techniques;
written tests - the theoretical knowledge from the practitioner seminar is examined;
Master work - this is an own contribution for the advancement of the NLP.
The successful participation is distinguished with a certificate of the INLPTA (international NLP of coach Association, Wyatt Woodsmall).

For participants of the master course who only want to extend their NLP knowledge and don´t need a certificate will not share the tests. They will receive a confirmation of participation instead.

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