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Certified NLP Practitioner
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Certified NLP Business Practitioner

NLP Practitioner just for Business and Management
Certified NLP Business Practitioner
NLP Business-practitioner
This training was developed for those, who want to improve their communicative authority within the business range.

Bases of good communication
Create with NLP techniques in the future the basis for efficient interactions: take up fast and reliably good contact to dialog partners

Increase the own congruence for expression-strong communication
communicate convincingly and enthusiastically
Praesuppositionen over communicating.


NLP offers a broad spectrum of techniques, in order to arrange the sales range still more successful; such as:
Ascertainment of need
Product and/or service presentations
Price negotiations
work on objections
maintain customer contacts


Coaching of staff members
This range of topics offers efficient techniques to you concerning the lead of staff members such as:
Lead solution-oriented criticism discussions
motivate staff members
smoothing conflicts between staff members


Self management
Learn to recognize and successfully change problematic behavior in the vocational context, such as:


Pushing around the work
Cold calling, criticism discussions, interactions with difficult official contacts, unpleasant and/or disconcerting activities
Change inadequate behavior (e.g. over reactions with little things) into constructional leadership

System dynamics in enterprises
In this catalog of themes you become acquainted with the bases for systemic dynamics in organizations:
Recognize from typical systemic Dynamiken such as double exposure taking inadequate responsibility

NLP techniques
NLP was originally developed in a therapeutic context. In this training all purely therapeutic techniques are left blank.
Instead the NLP techniques, which are applicable in a commercial communication connection, are in the focus and are teached accordingly modified. In detail we will be busy with the following techniquesp:>

Pacing, leading, rapport
Sub modalities
Metamodell of the language
Values and faith sets
Position 1, 2, 3
Milton model
Decision strategies
Eye entrance references

training goal
The superordinate goals of the training consist of:

-to obtain a higher level of consciousness and competence concerning communicative processes,
-the participants acquire a Vestaendnis for it, which humans do on the inside, in order in the exterior a certain failure to show to be able. They learn to recognize and purposefully change    these processes. Thus both the coworker guidance and the Selbstcoaching from the unfruchtbaren range from admonishment and reproaches come out and become instead to an solution-oriented development process esteeming the person.


The successful participation will be certified with Business-practitioner-certificate of the INLPTA (internationally NLP of coach Association, Wyatt Woodsmall.)

Demand of coaching
In the domain of self - coaching topics will appear in the awareness of the participants, which require a more detailed therapeutic treatment. These can be worked on only partially in the context of the training. The participants are made aware by the coaches on these topics attentively and get tips how to work on it.

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