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NLP Business Master

NLP Ausbildung zum Business Master ohne therapeutischen Inhalt.
NLP Business Master
NLP - Business Master

This training is designed for people in leadership positions and self-employed.
Learn the techniques of NLP to Master level - modified for the needs of the business area
. A full course description can be found here .

training objective

The overarching objectives of the training are to:
  1. behavior competency in all Practitioner level skills and the ability to perform multiple sizes / patterns / techniques simultaneously.
  2. the participants acquire the skills employees, customers and suppliers meheren levels simultaneously to understand and perform. An essential property of the master practitioners is to recognize resistors early and not to turn by guiding the conflict but in solutions. The high degree of self-leadership and understanding of human behavior in patterns that the participants are capable of potential development for themselves and others.

Successful participation is with Business Master Practitioner certificate INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association, Wyatt Woodsmall) excellent.

participation condition

Participation in the NLP Business Master Practitioner required upon submission of NLP Business Practitioners (INLPTA) or NLP Practitioners (INLPTA)

coaching needs

According to experience in the field of self-coaching for the participants topics to consciousness, which require further therapeutic processing. This can only be processed partly in the context of training. Participants will be made aware of these issues by the coaches and get tips on how they can work on it.

duration, prices, and registration information

The course duration is 12 days for 6 weekends, 1 We the month.

The Lehrgangsgbühr is: € 2450 per participant.

You want to login? Then please use our registration form and please fax it back to us. Thank you!

You want more information? Call: +49 (0) 5356 15 18, by e-Mail or use our contact form .

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