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Impress of SITED-USA LLC >>
Training for SAP, NLP, datango performance suite
Welcome ! We offer you profound trainings, which are characterized by the combination of NLP and many years of experience in SAP project business. >>
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Certified NLP Practitioner
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A certificate as a door opener your career!
The NLP Diploma is an experience in itself . This basic seminar provides a new perspective on the personal environment , it provides new ideas for sharing time , brings important insights for personal growth and opens new avenues of communication.
The NLP Diploma course offers a compact and sound introduction to the fascinating world of NLP.

You will learn four exciting days, the basics of NLP and be able to first techniques immediately in your (professional ) life apply .
The NLP Diploma equivalent to the first 4 days of NLP Practitioner and is a self-contained unit . You can choose from several NLP Practitioner training variants and be certified to a further 14 days to NLP practitioner then

The detailed contents of this course , click here.

The current course fees for the Diploma course be 400 € .

Dates and booking:
You can register directly online on one of the dates listed in our events , or download our application form. (Come soon)

You have questions? Please visit our free price NLP taster evenings.

Certification is carried out according to international and worldwide recognized guidelines INLPTA . This requires the continuous participation in the seminar .

And how to do it after the INLPTA Diploma next?

With the successful INLPTA Diploma degree you have the option of the NLP Business Practitioner , NLP Practitioner or to visit.
You want more information? Please contact us by phone : +40 (0) 5356-15 18, by e -mail or use our contact form.

We look forward to you .

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