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Impress of SITED-USA LLC >>
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Welcome ! We offer you profound trainings, which are characterized by the combination of NLP and many years of experience in SAP project business. >>
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Certified NLP Practitioner
Learn the standard techniques of NLP on highest level INLPTA (International NLP Trainer Assoziation) >>
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Certified NLP Practitioner

Learn the standard techniques of NLP on highest level INLPTA (International NLP Trainer Assoziation)
Certified NLP Practitioner
Training as the NLP Practitioner

NLP stands for successful communication and effective personal development !!

Successfully communicate & potentials unfold with the techniques of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) can you successfully communicate and personal potentials effective unfold. Communication technologies enrich a communicating within professional as well as within personal frameworks. Change techniques make efficient Coaching and personal development possible. NLP offers various proceedings, which extend your possibilities vocationally as privately to you.

As NLP developed
NLP was developed at the beginning of the 70's-years by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They analyzed the work of
three large therapy master, whose call was legendary during lifetimes already: Virginia Satir (Grandedame of the family therapy),
Milton Erickson (father of the modern hypnosis therapy) and Fritz Perls (founder of the Gestalt therapy). The project aimed off
to make the unusual abilities of these "therapy artists" for others teachable and learnable. The result was an abundance of efficient
techniques for communication and change, with which behavior and experiencing can be changed fast and lastingly.

Training as the NLP Practitioner
The bases and standard techniques of the NLP will be arranged by the Practitioner training. During eight weekends theory and practical application of the NLP techniques are trained. The training aims at a profound understanding of the NLP and at a high application authority in the trained NLP techniques.

Training Design
The course contents are obtained in four returning learning steps:
The respective topic is introduced with a lecture;
the coach demonstrates the NLP technology;
participants exercise the techniques of the NLP technology in small groups supported by CO trainers
the experiences will be reflected and deepened in a final feedback round.

The successful participation is distinguished with a certificate of the international NLP of coach Association, Wyatt Woodsmall. INLPTA.

NLP techniques:

Pacing & leading
As communication masters you meet their opposite in its experiencing the world. With this NLP technology you are suitable on the ability to develop to others fast and reliably deep trusting contact.

With anchoring techniques you call desired feeling conditions up on "push of a button" and dissolve restrictive feeling reactions. Step into contact with your strongest resources, whenever you need these!

Representation systems
Investigate and improve your sense-specific world. If you dive into the sense world of your dialog partner, enjoy really understanding - and to be understood.

Discover the "programming language" of subjective experiencing. The sub-modalities iare an innovative development of the NLP. They make purposeful change possible of internal experiencing and the feeling reactions.

Regard situations from different perspectives and extend you your borders. Learn about the flexibility to experience and to extend your options.

Metamodell of the language
The Metamodell trains a profound understanding of the spoken language. Create yourselves a new basis for clear communication and fast and/or purposeful change. Learn about one of the leading interview techniques of our time: Become a master of the spoken language.

Milton model
Travel one weekend long to a magic world. Fathom the structure of this great magic and learn how to open doors to unconscious potential - with yourself and with others.

Unmastered experiences from earlier life phases take restrictive influence into the present. Learn how to use the reimprint technology for a profound proceeding for the release of old blockades and set your “buried potentials” free.

Perception training
Communicate on highest level means to recognize and understand contradictory messages of your dialog partner. Train your perception and sharpen you your senses. Learn how to interpret the non - verbal signals of a dialog partner surely.

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