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Impress of Sited-USA LLC
Impress of SITED-USA LLC >>
Training for SAP, NLP, datango performance suite
Welcome ! We offer you profound trainings, which are characterized by the combination of NLP and many years of experience in SAP project business. >>
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Certified NLP Practitioner
Learn the standard techniques of NLP on highest level INLPTA (International NLP Trainer Assoziation) >>
datango - e-Learning
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NLP - Neuro lingustic Programming

Communication model in 21. century
NLP - Neuro lingustic Programming
We are a be certified institute , the trainer for the International Association of NLP ( INLPTA ) since 2002 independent courses for NLP - Certification is carried out. We invite anyone who agrees to the ethical rules of INLPTA to attend an NLP training.

Due to our many years of experience in the training business, you can offer in addition to the NLP knowledge and tangential topics such as systemic work in families and businesses, Transaction Analysis and a variety of strategies to learn

Our idea of ​​offering NLP training, based on the fact that between the "real world" and our own experience sometimes considerable differences in people exist. Often limit these differences, although there is actually no real reason for it.

Limiting perceptions are often the reason for unused quality of life. Instead themselves to live his life and enjoy the beauty of creation, you will be remotely controlled and lived in part of other people.

With our training program, you have the opportunity to check one or the other condition, and from the results of new, own way dissipate.

Each training course is modular and can be booked individually. If you have successfully passed within two years, all modules of training, you will automatically receive a INLPTA - certificate. It is also possible, in another INLPTA - to train individual modules Institute. These are recognized. The settlement of the respective module is on the respective institution for each module individually.

We guarantee you an  independent institute, that belongs to no other organization except the INLPTA Association. Our work has been tested by the TÜV South on quality of training and our ISO 9002:2000 and certified documents.

Your independence is in our interest.


Christine and Oliver Brünner
A certificate as a door opener your career! >>
Learn the standard techniques of NLP on highest level INLPTA (International NLP Trainer Assoziation) >>

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