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SAP Trainings Material

Customized training materials certified according to ISO9001: 2000
SAP Trainings Material
Professionally designed training materials have next to a red thread and a didactic concept about what the reader at the end of reading ability and knowledge must. This involves primarily the written follow-up of the training for which the document is intended.

In addition to linguistic dexterity belongs to a good underlay context-oriented imaging and process control of the participants during the training. Images on projector or monitor should be possible to find in the document, and include significantly more information than is communicated by the trainer.

Many training suffer from two types Weakness:
  • Linguistic overloading of individual course unit
  • Boring to thick manuals as a training base

Both weaknesses lead to demotivate participants shaft. A training document is to support the transfer of expertise. Process samples must be immediately shown with the correct solution, etc.

A few examples of how we miss documentation just in the context of SAP training frequently.

Our trainers are all qualified under the guidelines of ISO9001 training documents: create 2000. In addition to this standard linguistic joke, loose participant guide was formed by the base and consolidate knowledge through speech patterns.

Ask for examples of how we see ourselves training documents. We are happy to send to you by  Mail or Post a sample copy free of charge and without obligation, of course.

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