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Der WPB-Manager ist ein Server, der ähnlich einem SharePoint agiert. Abgestimmt auf Features, die für E-Learning geeignet sind, lässt sich eine vollständige Bildungslandschaft erstellen und publizieren. >>
WPB - Manager tägliche Arbeiten
Auch ein WPB - Manager läuft nicht dauerhaft von alleine. Es bedarf zu Beginn umfangreicher Etablierungsarbeiten, damit eine Bildungslandschaft entstehen kann. >>
WPB - Navigator
Hilfe für den Anwender(in) direkt in der produktiven Anwendung. >>
WPB - Instant-Producer
Mit dem Instant-Producer haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Prozesse direkt vom Prozess-Eigner aufzeichnen zu lassen. >>
Buchseiten - Das PowerPoint im Workforce Perforance Builder
Mit Buchseiten schaffen Sie eine ansprechende Lernoberfläche >>

Training for Systemic, SAP, NLP and authoring tools

Welcome ! We offer you profound trainings, which are characterized by the combination of the Systemic, NLP and many years of experience in SAP - project business.
Training for Systemic, SAP, NLP and authoring tools
Who acquires skills, wins every time a piece of quality of life.

Knowledge coupled with skills, builds confidence in their own power.
Because you trust yourself, others trust you. For example your employer, your clients and partners.

It is less about knowing everything, but much more about the knowledge with which you can serve others.
Who brings other benefits, is welcome, is often rewarded, is always in the conversation.

With Sited you get the opportunity to retrain in the following areas on or off:
  1. SAP Workforce Performance Builder (formerly Datango)
  2. Symbio - Process documentation and e-learning
  3. TTKF e-learning
  4. Assima Training Suite
  5. NLP training to NLP Master (INLPTA)
23 years of experience put us in a position to serve you with these tasks:
  1. Change management of complex SAP implementations
  2. 2.Systemic integration in the enterprise
  3. Accompany employee behavior in the company systemically
  4. Preparing buying companies systemically
  5. Accompany brand and product launches systemically

With us you have an education and training partner by your side, acting as partners in education at home and abroad since 1991.

We combine the latest IT topics, consisting of SAP user training, custom process documentation and teaching materials, with fine, subtle issues of systemic work.
NLP used in speech and behavior, creates high efficiency in thought and action.

In all we do and not do, the human is always in the center of our activities as a growing individual.

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